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Jewellery carries personal as well as financial value.

Determining the value of a piece of jewellery requires a great deal of skill & experience as well as the appropriate certification.

Brad Kearton is a fully qualified valuer & a Member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers. He is also an experienced Gemmologist & diamond grader. These skills ensure that valuation certificates are accurate & thorough in their details. All members of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers are required to update their skills yearly to maintain accreditation. This ongoing training ensures that Brad Kearton is kept up-to-date with market trends which may affect price.

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A typical jewellery valuation involves examining each item to assess the quality & arrive at a value judgement based on current market conditions including both gold & Aust. Dollar rates. Your items will be professionally cleaned & a repair assessment will be done if required. Each valuation certificate contains a digital photograph, full & accurate description & any distinguishing features will be noted. We like to allow up to 2 weeks for a full assessment depending on current workload.

Family jewellery items can be passed down through generations. Having them vauled will reveal their true worth in today's market. This can have important implications for family members & inheritance matters. To ensure appropriate time can be given to valuing your special piece, bookings are essential.